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The kitchen range is growing

By 17 June 2019News

From the beginning, Nature & Partage carefully selects its supplements and natural products. We have extended this requirement to our range of kitchen ingredients in order to offer the best products for a healthy and natural diet.  The kitchen range is growing with organic coconut blossom sugar

A sugar with a low glycemic index

This natural sweettener, considered as a sugar, is characterized by its incredible flavor and low glycemic index of 24.5 according to the European scale. 5white sugar has an index of 70 and cane sugar of 65).  

An home-made harvest

Our coconut blossom sugar comes from the sap of the flowers of  Coco Nucifera, un coconut tree grown in Indonsia.  Our producers are doing their best to offer a premium organic sugar.  The harvest is done directly on the tree : the sap of the flowers is collected in a container and placed under the heat to obtain a syrup (coconut nectar) by evaporation of the water. This syrup is finally worked mechanically to obtain sugar in powder.

The most sustainable…

From the sap of coconut blossom, our coconut blossom sugar is sustainably produced. Its production is more ecological than the production of other sugars (cane sugar, beet or agave).   The process of home-made harvest doesn’t destroy the trees. Coconut trees continue to provide buds, which will produce sugar and coconut again.

and more nutritious !

Coconut blossom sugar contains a lot of nutrients : antioxidant , vitamins (from group B and C), minerals (potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper…)andt 16 amino acids including glutamine.